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From the very beginning of the establishment of the China’s stock market in the 1990s, Pan-China has achieved the market recognition through our persistence in the precise, practical, efficient and professional services spirits covering clients across the country.


For years, we have served many central and large SOEs, including China Minmetals, SinoMach, China Potevio, CIMC, CNNC, Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group, SinoPharm, CASIC, CBPM, CRRC, China National Gold Group, China FAW Group, etc., and we have assisted more than 600 clients successfully listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges, including Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power, Wanxiang Qianchao, Jinke Group, Wuchan Zhongda, Xinhu Zhongbao, Sinolink Securities, Zhejiang Expressway, etc. Through continuous cultivation and innovation, some of our clients have, with our assistance, achieved many “Firsts” in the China stock market:


◆Chunli Medical: the First H-share IPO engagement with mainland China firms as reporting accountant. In addition, it’s the first such engagement with the financial statements being prepared under the Chinese GAAP, the audit being conducted in accordance with Chinese Auditing Standards and the report being signed off by mainland China CPAs

◆Phoenix Chemical: the First non-Shanghai based company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

◆Tiantong Holding: the First A-share company controlled by natural persons

◆King Refrigeration: the First A-share company with Taiwan investment and controlled by Taiwan investors

◆Ningbo Tongmuo: the First A-share company with foreign investment and controlled by foreign investors

◆NHU: the First company listed on the SME Board of SZSE

Worldia, Fangbang Electronics, Ronbay Technology, Appotronics Corporation, and Hangke Technology: the First batch of companies listed on the SSE STAR Market

◆Anker Innovations and Wecome Pharmaceutical: the First batch of companies listed on the ChiNext Board under the Registration-based IPO System

◆i2finance, Winsun Bio, New Ange, Grand Tech, Digihuman, Tonghui Electronic, Deyuan Pharm, Letone Technology, Zitonggong, Wuxin Tunnel Equipment, GCOM Technology, Zhongshe Consulting, and Great Electric: the First batch of companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange


The industries of our clients cover manufacturing, public utilities, construction, transportation and warehousing, information technology, wholesale and retail, finance and insurance, real estate, social service, communication and culture, etc. The experience in serving a wide range of clients laid a solid foundation for providing better services to our clients.