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Ranking of Accounting Firms for China’s A-Share IPOs of 2020


In 2020, a total of 394 entities were newly listed, which has been increased by 95.05% compared to that of 2019 (202 entities), including 88 on the Main Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, 54 on the SME Board, 107 on the GEM Board and 145 on the STAR Market, with fund raised in total amount of 469.96 billion yuan, and the net amount of fund raised was 439.30 billion yuan.

30 accounting firms have provided audit services to these 394 entities in 2020, among which, Pan-China with 85 IPO engagements ranked the first among all accounting firms in China.

As of December 2020, the IPO application of Pan-China’s 20 clients has been approved by the Issuance Appraisal Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the STAR Market Listing Committee of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the GEM Board Listing Committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 2020, Pan-China has assisted 124 clients in their successful IPO applications, including 37 in Main Board, 12 in SME Board, 37 in GEM Board and 38 in STAR Market.