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We stress on the fusion of theory and practice, encourage and promote the academic and learning atmosphere among the staff. Up to now, Pan-China has published hundreds of professional articles in academic publications of state level; compiled more than 400 issues of the internal magazine Go Beyond, which is renowned in the Chinese CPA profession, published professional books such as Pan-China Collected Works, Handbook for Hong Kong Practising Accountants, The Latest International Accounting Standards, The Research and Practice of the Certified Public Accountant, Professional Research of the Certified Public Accountant, Annual Financial Statements Auditing Practice - Audit Report, Auditing of Company Restructuring and Listed Companies, Auditing of Company Restructuring, Research on Non-government Organizations Audit Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards: Its Interpretations and Applications, Study on Internet Financial Report, etc.

Pan-China also offers services for social values, such as assisting in drawing up China CPA Practising Standards and some other policies and regulations, compiling textbooks for the CPE of Chinese certified public accountants, giving lectures to State Council Inspection Special Agent, Ministry of Finance, CSRC and CICPA, participating in the special investigation cases organized by CSRC, and offering professional opinions in modifying accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Pan-China has been pioneering among peers and persevered in organizing a two-seminar-per-year system, China Listed Company Financial and Accounting Summit Forum, together with our clients since 1994, to improve our listed clients' financial management and to maintain professional communication with our clients.